Can I get delivery same day?

Unfortunately we don't provide same day delivery, please order before 12 am (midnight) a day ago to get delivery next day.


What is the delivery time can I choose the delivery time slot?

Delivered time is between 10 am - 2 pm and between 3:30pm - 9:30 pm (limited areas). You’ll receive text/email notification everyday throughout your subscription link to track delivery time- Please note the time
gets updated based on traffic the delivery person faces. Unfortunately, there’s no option to customise or choose particular delivery time slot.


What are the payment options?

Orders are to be placed online only, we accept all major credit card payments except Amex,
alternatively you can checkout using e transfer as one of the payment option and manually pay us at mealsdelish@gmail.com Please note payment needs to be made in
advance, your order will be cancelled and meal will not be delivered if payment is not received.

Cash payment is available for MONTHLY orders only, entire payment is to be made to delivery driver on first day of delivery or meal will not be delivered. Please note there's no refund on Cash payments.


Is it delivered every day?

Yes meals are prepared fresh and delivered every day from Monday to Friday. We do not
operate on weekends.

Can I make any substitutions?

Yes you can substitute rice for 2 extra rotis or No rotis for 2 portions of rice (Large and Regular meal only) you’ll be able to select your choice while placing the order, we do not offer any other substitutions. Please note budget meal box is fixed and no substitutions can be made.


Can I change my address in between the subscription?

Yes to change your address t you’ll have to text us one day ahead before 9 pm and we can change the address for next day, once you update the address it becomes default address for your future deliveries, to change it again you’ll have to text us again one day ahead before 9 pm, please note we won’t be able to accommodate if notified after 9 pm

Can I pause/skip the delivery?

Skip or Pause option is available for MONTHLY packages only, you can skip meals for maximum 4 times and your subscription end date will be moved forward accordingly or you can pause meal one time for a specific duration. Please text us before 9 pm a day ago to make such adjustments, we won't be able to accommodate if notified after 9 pm.

 Can I change my plan?

Weekly or Monthly orders only- If your current plan doesn't meet your requirements, you can let us know and we can upgrade/downgrade your plan and adjust prices accordingly. Please note if you decide to downgrade the than the amount will be adjusted towards future purchases only, no refund will be issued